About me, my art & designs and the products i sell...

When I started creating products online with my designs back in 2005, there was only few (under five) places that was doing print-on-demand.

In those days, when I first started, showcasing my designs available at the few places was easy. It was only Cafepress and Zazzle, and then soon after, Redbubble.

Today, I have thousands of designed products online all over the internet (see list on your right). It was getting a bit crazy for me to keep track, what is where. I need one central place to put my stuff!

And so iShop was create, the alpha version 1.0. In the twelve months or so that I have been slowly building it, I defintely have found it easier to showcase and share my works. This led to the current redesign – which went live tonight at 11.01 pm (May 8th, 2017), which is the one you are reading/visiting currently.

With my varied range of alternative style designs, I hope it this website provides you a better browse (and buy) experience. Feel free to drop me a message with suggestions or just a hello at my Facebook page or via this site’s contact me page..

I am currently living/based in the Frankston area (Melbourne), Australia.

Thank you for your visit here ॐ


My designs, art and photography  are available from these places:

About My Shop

How iShop Works : When you click my product’s Shop/Buy button, the link will take you to the actual store where my designs are made to order.

All of my art and designs are available via a process called the Print-On-Demand (P.O.D) industry. What this means is that whilst I am the person that creates the graphic design, digital arts and photography – I am not the person that physically produce, print or construct the product itself.  I am also not the one that packs the product or handle any of the payments, shipping or returns.

custom design

If there is a design of mine that you like and want on product, but cannot find it ( I might not have made it yet)  you are welcome to contact me to customize something for you.

suggest product

If the design you like is not available on a specific product, you can contact me and I will see if I can create it and add to the store for your consideraton. If you don’t end up liking/wanting it, that’s cool. No obligation to buy.

Each product has been created by me, and with the magic of technology – when someone buys/orders, it starts the production process. Clever, isnt it?

Some products, like the ones at Zazzle have the capability where customer (you) can  add text, images, with Zazzle’s very fancy (and easy to use) customization tools.

Got more questions? Try below..

Glossary / FAQ

I will add here any glossaries and answers to questions that are usually asked. If you have something you want to know about my products, you can contact me via the various social media, email – or message me via the contact page here

Prices of products

The prices you see may see here is an approximation of what it is currently, on the day of me adding product into iShop. It might be less or more, depending on currency exchange, or base price increase or something similar.  For this very reason, I decided not long after creating this website, to not add the price of things, due the constant changes mentioned above and also cuz of the many sales (discount & offers) that happens regularly at different times.

The prices when mentioned on this website, are in USD, unless specified otherwise.

Just click the BUY button on this (iShop) website, this will take you to the product page where you will be able to see the up-to-date price in your chosen currency.

Returns, refunds and guarantees

Each company has a different terms, but all of them will attend to unsatisfied orders. Starting from 21 days return up to 90 days, I have made a page specifically with this info, which you can find HERE

What is a POD / Print-on-demand ?

Print-on-demand works by giving artists and designers like myself the opportunity to open our online stores without the costs of setting up all the other important factor of getting from design to a real life product. We as designers, create designs to suit the various product templates offered by the POD companies, and when a customer purchases, the order is sent to the maker of that particular product, where it is then produced and shipped to the customer.

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